Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Haiku

Last week, I had mentioned that I'd discovered a little known, but brilliant gnome poet by the gname of Gnomoichi Gnakamura. Gnow, knoming how much I despise the little bastards, it pains me greatly to recognize his genius. It tears me...deep very soul. However, I would be a small man if I couldn't get past my visceral hatred to at the very least mention the existence of such a gnome. So any way, here is a brief introduction to the inner working of Gnomo.

I am not dinner

And certainly not breakfast

Please do not eat me

Can't you just feel the pain and angst inside the soul of this little nugget of tasty flesh? I'd almost hesitate if he sat upon my plate and spoke these words. "Don't box me in" he seems to plead. "Are we not more that morsels of deliciousness?". The sentiment is so raw and honest I'd almost consider not eating the next little bugger I see.

Well anyway, I'll bring you some more of his hauntingly touching work another day. One perfect haiku is really all I can do in a day.....

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