Thursday, April 22, 2010

So when is haiku day?

So the vast throngs of insatiable readers who devour my blog on a daily basis....Okay....okay....the three people who read my ridiculous thoughts are clamoring...well, maybe not clamoring, but could have mildly suggested.....okay, the truth is nobody cares damnit. Fine then!
Zelmaru noticed yesterday that three bloggers posted a haiku yesterday. Was yesterday haiku day? Not that I know of. I propose that we make "Haiku Monday". Mondays require a certain amount of zen-like presence, so a haiku seems to fit well there. So from now on I'll be trying to post my haiku on Monday. If anybody else sees fit to join me on this useless scheduling of haiku that would make the masters barf, please feel free.
On to some actual fun. I got some nice heirloom pieces for my little belf hunter. She's wearing the heirloom chest, shoulders, daggers and gun. PvE is quite easy. I send the pet in and then fire away. It's really nice being able to handle 3-4 mobs without much problem. She's as 29 and a half right now. I think I'm going to level the rest of the way in battlegrounds. It's an odd feeling being at the top for damage. One WSG I was having so much fun I did what that little gnome mage hates! I fought midfield for 20 minutes and ignored the flag! *slaps own wrist
I still have a hell of alot to learn about PvP with a hunter, but for the most part it's been pretty fun! I think for 30-40 I'll start using the LFG tool. Anyway, that's it for now. Have a great Earth Day, eat some processed cheese, some farm raised beef and use some spray deodorant!


  1. Monday sounds reasonable to me. It might be late in the day :)

  2. Alright...the motion has been seconded...Monday it is! Late is fine. I'm Hawaii Standard Time!

  3. Husband and I already posted ours this morning!