Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Robert Nesta...and other thoughts.

Happy Birthday to Mr. Robert Nesta Marley. A truly amazing individual.

On to WoW. I have been feeling a little burned out on my toons. I have 4 80's and they are all basically as geared as I can get them (except for alt specs) without raiding. I have essentially avoided raiding intentionally. I don't want to deal with the drama. People complain about behavior in pugs, but sorry, that behavior is amplified in raids. Even guild raids are full of drama. People yelling at each other over vent? No thanks. I don't need somebody being a douchebag because I didn't pew pew at the right time/right rotation, or didn't heal an in-the-fire-standing mage in time. I would really love the challenge, and would love to see the content. But I'd leave group/guild at the first sign of douchiness.

Solution? I've been fooling around with some of my alts. I have a hunter, lock and mage in the 20's. I was having some fun yesterday on the hunter. She's been sitting idle for almost a year now and it's amazing how much better I can play her now that I have a better understanding of game/fight mechanics, damage, stats, cc, etc.

I also have a druid in the upper 40's. He's currently my bank alt due to his incredible foot speed from mailbox to auctioneer! I am thinking about playing him again. I had him specced moonkin, and then switched to resto with some crazy idea of leveling him through lfg. Not sure now.

I was also thinking I wasn't going to level anymore till cataclysm, but truth is I could probably get one more to 80 easily before it drops. What to do......

If I choose one more to level, who should it be? I actually enjoy them all, but would like to have one pure dps class. Mage, lock or hunter? I would like to get whichever toon I choose set up with some heirloom pieces though so I may need to lfg on my current 80's a little more. But having those heirloom pieces would be nice. For speed and ease of leveling, I'm thinking lock or hunter. Suggestions? Oh yeah! My little girlie hunter ate a gnome yesterday...well, her cat did anyway! Poor gnome :(


  1. Hunter levels the fastest! Lock second :D

  2. Thanks Markco. That's what I was thinking. Thanks for confirming! I've already started picking up some heirloom gear for her.