Friday, April 16, 2010

Last rant of the week...probably.

Ahhhh…the rant. The lovely, spirit cleansing (unless you’re a shaman in which case you can no longer cleanse that) rant. Get it all out. Feel better.

What the hell is with birthers? The next person I meet who claims that Obama is not a natural US citizen is gonna get a throat punch. First stages of healthcare reform are through. Economists say things are on the upswing. The Dow is at it’s highest since 2008. What can we grief Obama for now? Oh yeah! Let’s go back to the birth certificate. Why is this such an issue? Racism. No president in my lifetime has had their birth so scrutinized. Why? Because he’s not white and he doesn’t have a white name. Racism. The Hawaii State Department of Health (Dr. Fujino, a woman I know personally) has verified that Obama was born here in Hawaii. ‘Nuff said? Hardly. Birthers continue to go after this ridiculous accusation. We even have a marine who is refusing orders because he claims said orders are illegal due to the fact that our President is not a natural US citizen. Just admit that you can’t stand a black man in a position of power. Quit hiding behind your bullshit excuses.

A recent NYT poll states that, oh revelation, most tea partiers are white, older men with above average income and above average education (NOT intelligence….education). So we have a bunch of white guys who were lucky to be raised in upper middle class families and blessed with an education most Americans don’t get. What? They don’t want to pay taxes? They don’t want to contribute? Yeah, screw the have nots. Don’t use my money to help them. WIC, healthcare, welfare. Screw ‘em. I got mine and you can get your stinkin’ hands off it.

Somebody at my clinic is stealing money from people’s purses/wallets. Unbelievable. Someone I work with is actually going into people’s desks/purses and stealing money. This truly baffles me. There are only 10 people in my office. Holy crap! In a way I want to know, but in a way I don’t.

Now, if I can get all the birthers, tea partiers and office thieves together in a really big room…..

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