Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I run from the orc

Who is also with a troll

Run fast, they are large

One can almost see the large hungry horde-mates chasing down the frightened little gnome. It brings to mind images of the wolf chasing the frightened rabbit. The rabbit leaps, dodges and changes direction in hopes of shaking his pursuer. It must be difficult to be a pink or green haired gnome and try to hide when you live in the snowy terrain around Ironforge.
It's quite remarkeable such frail creatures have been able to scrape out an existance, miserable as it is, in such a tough world. Now, I'm hungry....fried gnome cakes anyone?


  1. Well, there's the whole problem. Haiku day hasn't found a set place yet. Originally I was doing Monday. Then a Tuesday slipped in somewhere. Then I missed a Monday. Then I just did one today for no good reason. Any suggestions on a set Haiku day? I need to find a slot for gnome recipes too!

  2. It's just funny because ArcaneTinkerTank also did a haiku today which prompted more haikus, so I thought this might be related. We were pondering ourselves if we wanted to set a haiku day.

  3. Monday's require a certain amount of zen, Maybe we should make monday's "haiku Mondays"....