Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Well, to all you religious nutcases and godless heathens, enjoy this holiday for whatever reason you enjoy it. I personally enjoy watching my evil little minions (children) mill about the house in a mad dash for easter eggs. The older one collects out of duty and the desire for candy. The younger one still holds onto the hope that a six foot tall bunny has entered our house while we slept and hidden eggs about our property. I enjoy sit on the couch and wait for the monsters to give me the candy they don't want. Usually works out pretty well for me as the older monster doesn't like peanuts!
On the WoW front, things are going well. I've been tanking more with my warrior. Gear is improving. I forget who it was (sorry!) who wrote about not just powering thier way through 5 mans, because we can still die on Xevoz in H VH. Well guess what? Xevoz came out and before I could grab aggro, dps starts unloading. Now if you're dps and you notice you have aggro it is your responsibility to stop damage and move towards the tank....okay? Got it? We have to get Xevoz moving or we're all going to die. If the tank does not have aggro, please stop damage and allow him to get it. Okay? Xevoz bites the mages face off. As the dps did not move and I did not have aggro, we were still standing right there when the sphere thingies started forming. I got aggro, started trying to kite. Too late, healer wasn't able to keep me up. Deathtard and Boomkin die right after me. Goodbye healer. Of course, it's my fault. "tank sucks ass". Well thank you very much. How absolutely classy of you. By the way, I can't kite him if I don't have aggro and you guys with gearscores over 5k are opening up a can of whoop ass while standing still. "Oh so it's our fault?". Yes, I would say so. WHen you have aggro on a boss, stop damage. I'll get aggro, just give me a second. Then we can start moving this bastard so we don't wipe in heroic VH. And yes, it does happen. Whenever people think they can just open up on Xevoz without kiting him. I see it happen a couple times a month. Your GS doesn't stop that from happening. Thank goodness for short tank queues, later folks, enjoy your dungeon in progress.