Friday, April 9, 2010

Weekend is coming

Well, as I said before, for seveal reasons I've had very little WoW time lately. Lately I'm lucky to get 15 minutes on any given weekday. However, as my wife loves to sleep in on weekend mornings, I should be able to get in some quality WoW time very soon!

So anyway, after running around Dalaran on your mammoth, do you have to clean the gnome out of the mammoths toes?

Speaking of that, who cleans up after all those beasts?

They should have signs out. "Please clean up after your mammoth." That would suck.

When mobs "run away in fear", how come they never actually run. They sort of casually amble off. Then, for some reason they get their courage back and come back at you.

Okay, I saw Yoda fight with the lightsaber and all, but melee gnomes are just a little silly.

Hunters have to feed their pets but thank goodness we dont have to feed our mounts.

So I'm getting over the loss of my dispels and starting to feel excited for some of the changes in cataclysm.

Goblins? Really? Bite me Blizz.

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