Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What's worse than a mage? A gnome mage.

Ha ha...just kidding. I have nothing against mages. Just with all the bitching going around I figured I should write something inflammatory. And boy was that title inflammatory...whew!
I keep seeing mage blogs going off about shaman complaining. Mages yelling here, mages swearing here...damn shaman, quit crying about your loss! One time we were underpowered too!
But I haven't seen all that much complaining on the shaman blogs. So....I'm wondering where this "suck it up and quit complaining" attitude is coming from? Is there endless complaining on forums or something? I don't read the wow forums, so I wouldn't know. The shaman blogs I do read have briefly lamented the fact that shaman will be losing utility. Losing utility kinda sucks for a class that sacrifices dps for utility. I think a little bitching is expected and deserved. I mean, we still have bloodlust, we haven't lost it, but we have lost our unique ability to provide it.

The argument that this group sucked before so now it's another groups turn is lame. People shouldn't complain, because one time, other people sucked too. I was beaten as a child, therefore I should beat my children. Makes sense. One time, people lived in frickin caves and had to fight cave bears with wooden spears and died in their 40's. Guess nobody gets to complain.

Anyway, just wondering why all the QQ. To complain about losses or changes that a class sees as negative is normal. I think the complaint of shaman is very understandable. If in fact mages sucked at one time, they should be understanding of changes that reduce another classes effectiveness. This is not a college fraternity or high school. I paid my dues, now life will suck for you!

Now I better get to leveling my overpowered mage so I can get into a raid group when cata hits.

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